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OTR & Commercial Tires

BR Tire has a large selection of OTR and commercial tires for sale. Give your workers and truck drivers a better experience by finding and installing the best OTR tires or commercial tires on your equipment and vehicles. We have many brands and sizes available at competitive prices.

Contact your nearest BR Tire location for a quote now. We're proud to serve customers across Glasgow, KY, Franklin, KY, Bowling Green, KY, and surrounding areas.

OTR Tires

OTR Tires in Glasgow, KY

Get great deals on our supply of off-the-road tires. Whether you know the brand and size you need or you're looking to upgrade, we'll help you find the best OTR tire for your needs. Call for a quote or to learn more about our current selection of brand name OTR tires for sale.

Why Buy OTR Tires from BR Tire

We house a quality collection of OTR tires for our customers. Whether you operate an earth moving machine or other heavy equipment, we can help you with all your off-the-road tire needs. Simply stop in and let our team know what you’re driving and what type of environment you’re driving through, and we’ll find the off-the-road tires that fit your needs.

We look forward to taking the lead on your search for OTR tires and hope to meet with you soon. Give us a call or visit and get your heavy equipment moving again.

Commercial Tires

Take on miles of road with any of the brand name commercial tires in our inventory. Get long lasting tires that save you money and provide a comfortable ride for you commercial drivers. We have many popular commercial tire brands available at competitive prices. Contact your nearest BR Tire for a quote today. 

BR Tire Knows Commercial Tires

You need commercial tires built to withstand the environment(s) your fleet travels.

You'll find the best commercial tire for your needs at BR Tire. We have a wide selection of commercial tires for sale. Find a tire able to handle the weight of your vehicles, types of roads your fleet travels, and any changing weather conditions. You have the power to optimize vehicle performance and save money in the long run while keeping your drivers safe. Take it.

Commercial Tires in Glasgow, KY

Our commercial tires offer:

  • High Mileage
  • Superior Traction
  • Longevity
  • Efficiency
  • Durability

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you find the best commercial tires for your specific needs. Commercial tires need to be tough to withstand all they go through, so we’ll make sure you’re choosing the most durable, safest tire available for your application.

Our tough tires will toughen up your fleet. When you’re ready for the best commercial tires available, stop by BR Tire today.

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BR Tire in Glasgow, KY

No one keeps you rollin' like BR Tire. Whether your need new tires or auto repair services, our ASE-certified professionals are on hand to handle your vehicle needs. Shop for tires online now, or schedule an appointment with us from home. From tire installation to brake repair and KY state inspections, we aim to be your go-to automotive service shop. We have three locations across Glasgow, KY and Bowling Green, KY. Conveniently close to Franklin, KY, we'll help you stay safe on the road with friendly, precise, and timely service. When you need new car tires, light truck tires, commercial tires, farm tires, and OTR tires or service, make sure you contact our team for our competitive prices.


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